Our goal with Neurofeedback is to train the client to self-synchronize brain-wave patterns to optimize brain function.
This is a totally non-invasive treatment. A measuring device, called an electrode is put on a pre-determined area of the skull to measure the brain waves. This is done with a small amount of water-soluble paste. The electrodes are attached to a small machine which gives us the information we need to make decisions. These measurements tell us if these areas are causing the problem in the client's functioning. Through the use of biofeedback video games the goals are measured out and increased where they need and also decreased where needed. This strengthening is done by the client as he concentrates on the game before him. There is no joystick. This is all done by the client as he uses his brain to accomplish a feat.

We use state-of-the-art equipment.

Just as exercise is to the body so is Neurofeedback to the mind.
Not only do the brain waves synchronize but they strengthen to the new goals. Optimal Brain Function is the target.

Focus, concentration, better sleeping and creative thinking are some of the results.

Some of the treatments for specific disorders include:


We are “results-oriented."

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