One of the most ironic misconceptions about HYPNOSIS is that somehow, someone is going to make suggestions to you without your even realizing it, and that you will then carry them out without any free will. If anything, clinical hypnosis is the reverse. You become more aware of suggestions and you then become more selective about what you choose to do. The end result of the hypnotherapy is that you are able to make the type of suggestions to yourself that will work for you. You will no longer be susceptible to the negative self-talk that used to affect the way you felt about yourself and influenced everything you did.
Once you develop the habit of selecting suggestions for yourself, it will play a major role in helping you to decide, both consciously and unconsciously, which ones you take on board. Remember that with all of the suggestions you will always control the ones you ultimately choose for the changes you need in your life. Everyday we are bombarded with suggestions----and we already pay attention only to those we feel have some relevance to us. The difference with the suggestions is that they are designed to consistently break down negative influences, and to put in place self-selected suggestions that will work.

Understanding why you have a problem is the beginning of change, not the end. This is where the hypnotherapeutic component really comes into its own.
It allows you to identify “hangovers" from the past and overwrite them with healthy, appropriate adult reactions. This is about taking responsibility for your health and happiness as adult. Memories in themselves cannot be altered, but the ways in which we feel about them---and, more significantly, respond to them---can be changed. At no point will you be asked to recall past events, nor will you spontaneously recall anything that you are not able to deal with. The hypnosis suggestions are delivered to you in such a way that you will always control them, and be safe with them.
Start afresh with the new version of you---adding characteristics and traits that you have never had before. You will be the person you have always wanted to be, but never really believed you could become.

Feeling good about yourself is the key to long term change....

(by Ursula James)